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  • Thank you for your interest and support of the 2017 InnoVision Awards Program. Please review the instructions, guidelines and tips from the judges prior to completing your nomination form. All entries must be mailed or e-mailed by May 12, 2017.

  • Instructions & Guidelines:
    The InnoVision Awards Program is dedicated to recognizing the strongest candidates within each of six technology categories:

    • Technology Development
    • Technology Integration
    • Small Enterprise
    • Education
    • Sustainability
    • Community Service

    Please submit a separate form for each entry. Elect only one Category.

    Please provide specific details that explain why your entry should be recognized within the chosen Category.
    Evaluation information:

    • Please ensure that the entry clearly focuses on and explains the technical aspects of the novel innovation; particularly the significance and scope; and the economic or societal impact of the technical advance. Word volume is not as important as clarity.

    • Please ensure that the entry includes complete technical details. It is imperative that judges understand the nature of the technology, the originality, complexity and difficulty of the innovative advance, and its impact or benefits.

  • InnoVision Technology Awards are restricted to technical advances conducted in South Carolina.

    Tips from the Independent Judges: InnoVision Technology Awards Judges are not South Carolina residents. Therefore include local community details that may provide perspective and help external judges to appreciate local impact.

    Award entries will be evaluated in four distinct areas:

    Description: The objectives achieved by the technical innovation (product, process, or service), must be clearly and thoroughly described. Clarity is key.

    Innovation: Explain how the product, process, or service is new, unique, or original; or how the integration applies or combines existing technology in an innovative way.

    Complexity/Difficulty: The difficulty and complexity of the nominee’s use and advance of technology. Be sure to include:

    • the type of technology used,
    • the difficulty faced in implementing objectives, and any extraordinary circumstances encountered and overcome in reaching the innovative technical solution.

    Results/Impact: Please describe in detail, the tangible and measurable benefits attained from the product, process, or service developed. Describe the breadth and significance of benefits. When possible, include information on the community or consumer impact (local, regional, national, or global), expected economic impact, and its longevity (short-term; long-term).

  • InnoVision Technology Award Categories

    The InnoVision Technology Awards Program is dedicated to recognizing the strongest candidates for each award category within the State of South Carolina:

    Technology Development:
    Recognizes a company or organization for the development of a new or improved technology, resulting in a product, process or service that may be utilized for internal purposes or commercial use.

    Technology Integration:
    Recognizes a company or organization for the integration of existing technology to create an innovative product, process or service that may be utilized for internal purposes or commercial use.

    Small Enterprise:
    Recognizes a company with fewer than 50 full-time employees or less than $20 million in revenue, for the innovative integration or development of technology to provide products, processes or services for internal purposes or commercial use.

    Recognizes a company or organization for the development or innovative integration of technology to provide products or processes that positively impact education in the State of South Carolina.

    Recognizes an organization for development or innovative integration of technology to provide products, processes, or service that support environmental stewardship. Technologies promoting the protection of earth’s natural resources could include: renewable energy, renewable materials, reduced consumption, waste value recovery, and the like.

    Community Service:
    Recognizes an organization for the development or innovative implementation of technology to improve the quality of life within the State of South Carolina.

  • Submitter Information:
  • Award Category: (choose one1):
  • Nominated Company/Organization Overview:
  • Others within your organization who should be notified if you achieve finalist status (CEO, COO, etc):
  • 1) Small Enterprise may select a second category
  • 2) (Note: If this is an extension/advance of a project/product/process/service previously recognized, be sure to explain specifically the factors that differentiate and/or advance the technology from the previous technology state of the art.)
  • Please indicate your organization size and revenue:
  • Annual revenues are:
  • Number of full-time employees:
  • Briefly describe the nominated organization:
  • When filling in the information on the following pages, remember that the judges will evaluate the nominations based on the following criteria:

    • Uniqueness of innovation- originality, contribution, achievement
    • Clarity of the technical description
    • Complexity/Difficulty of the technical achievement
    • Results/Impact of the innovation: tangible benefits; significance; scope; and longevity

    1. Please provide a clear, one paragraph abstract that captures the essence of the technology development or technology integration that is the basis for this entry. This information will be used to describe Finalist innovations through such media as the InnoVision website, magazines, and other portals.
  • 2. Provide a detailed description of your innovative technical product, process, or service. Include supporting information, web links, specific dates, and the location where the development and/or implementation was conducted.
  • 3. Briefly provide the primary objectives of this technology and the value derived from the innovative product, service, program or process. Value can be defined as having strategic, financial, operational, environmental, consumer, or societal impact. Be sure to document the results and contributions of the technical advance, including applicable community impact.
  • If you need to upload an image, logos, diagram, graphics or any other media please do so below. If you have any issues or need help please email us at info@innovisionawards.org
  • Terms and Conditions
    I state and attest that I have reviewed the information provided herein and that to the best of my knowledge no untrue statement of material fact is contained herein and no omission of material fact that I am legally permitted to disclose has been made. By submitting this application, I agree to the following terms and conditions.

    InnoVision Awards Organization, Inc. (InnoVision) and its agents, board members, officers, and employees are granted the right to reproduce or to have reproduced, prepare or have prepared in derivative form, and distribute or have distributed copies of identifying information and publicity pieces concerning your submission, nomination and awarded. InnoVision has permission to use the submission in its publications and/or for publicity purposes.

    I warrant and represent that there is no material in this application or in any other material submitted for consideration which violates any rights of any third party.

    I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless InnoVision and its agents, Board members, Officers, Judges and employees, from any claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, and all costs and expenses related thereto (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), to the extent resulting from any application, submissions or any portion thereof, or use thereof of such material that infringes or violates any copyright, patent, trade secret, license, or other proprietary right of a third party.

    Upon review of the applications, the Judges may determine that an entry is better qualified (and better served by being placed) in a category other than that in which it was submitted. The Judges, at their sole discretion, may judge an entry in any category for which the application is qualified and may reposition an entry into another category.

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