Launch of InnoVision Forum Series

July 28th Webinar “Pandemic Pivot” Featuring Contec, Inc.

This summer, InnoVision is launching a forum series that focuses on organizations that have pivoted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join us for the premier of a new broadcast series, “Leading Beyond The Crisis,” presented by InnoVision.


On July 28 at 11AM, you will hear from the leadership team of Contec, a leading manufacturer headquartered in Spartanburg, and participate in a live Q&A session following a discussion of the sudden, unexpected challenges they faced across the company in March when the COVID crisis emerged.

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Our “Leading Beyond the Crisis” series will continue throughout 2020 and will feature Humimic, Prisma Health, VanRobotics and ZVerse.  For updates on upcoming forums, be sure to follow InnoVision Awards on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Quick, simplified nomination process for 2020!

Now is the time to recognize all of the remarkable innovators around us in South Carolina.

Some innovations have their roots in technology. Have you and your organization developed a new technology? Introduced a new product, process, or service that builds on technological innovation? Designed a creative new business model for reaching new customers?

Some innovations have their roots in crisis. Has your organization responded to the challenges of COVID-19 in creative ways? Produced a new product, designed a new supply chain, employed technology in novel ways?

Some innovations have their roots in community. Has your organization developed or led innovative programs for education or community service? Stepped up in creative, innovative ways to help the community with the COVID-19 crisis?

Look around you. Do you see examples of others in the community who have come up with new, innovative ideas, programs, products, and the like? Consider nominating them.  

Click here to nominate yourself, your company or others. There are only 3 questions.


InnoVision Awards Announces 2019 Award Winners

Cody Reynolds, Chair of the InnoVision Awards Board of Directors, is pleased to announce the 2019 InnoVision Award Winners, recognized during the Awards Dinner, held at the Spartanburg Marriott.

Community Service:  Public Education Partners Greenville County & Acuitas Economics were recognized for their InformEdsc.org website access tool. The development incorporates statistical analysis with easy-to-understand formats and dynamic graphical interfaces; to support, strengthen and advance public education and student achievement.

Education: Van Robotics, Inc have designed and built engaging and adaptive robot tutors to accelerate learning among young students through personalized learning interactions.  They have conducted pilot tests with over 200 students and have just launched manufacturing of their first 700 commercial robots out of their USC Incubator shop.

Small Enterprise: Stomagienics, Inc. has invented innovative healthcare solutions that improve the well-being of patients who have undergone ostomy surgery. Their products help reduce peristomal skin conditions, reduce leakage of the ostomy pouching system, and instill patient confidence and independence.

Sustainability: Sonshine Development, LLC have developed the SolarSpot 7, which converts the sun’s radiant energy to heat energy by its unique energy conversion coil. The compact system provides a proprietary, dual axis tracker that follows the sun and tilts through the seasons to increase heat output about 40% more than stationary rooftop units.

Technology Development: MIPY, LLC has designed proprietary medical auto-injectors are superior to current drug delivery systems in size, simplicity, reliability, and cost.  The MIPY will first address the epinephrine market, but many other drugs can be incorporated into this simple, compact game-changing auto-injector.

Technology Integration: SeeDaten, Inc. was recognized for delivering Reality, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality learning environments and process analysis to manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The AR solutions convert manual workflow into training modules complete with process verification via optical recognition.

Young Innovator: Legacy Early College High School was honored for instilling scholars from underserved communities with the motivation and opportunity to step out of their conventional classroom programs and to pursue project-based learning within a STEM instructional framework, leading to greater numbers of students acquiring the confidence to continue technical studies into college.

Charles Townes Lifetime Achievement: William B. Sturgis is a South Carolina business leader, was honored for his direction on local educational and banking boards, his visionary leadership while President at Cryovac, Inc. and his contributions to chemical engineering and packaging science, that have forever transformed food packaging.

Dr. Reynolds remarked, “I am continually amazed at the resourcefulness and drive of South Carolinian educators and inventors to create new resources and market solutions to opportunities.  I applaud all of these outstanding innovators.”


For 21 years, InnoVision Awards has recognized businesses, community leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and individuals who set new standards for innovation; by creating, developing, and implementing their visionary thinking, so as to preserve the environment and invigorate the economy of South Carolina. Please join us in our program. [www.InnoVisionAwards.org]

2018 Finalists Announced!



Greenville, South Carolina August 13, 2018



InnoVision Awards Announces Finalists for 2018 Awards


For 20 years, InnoVision Awards has represented the mark of distinction for outstanding technological excellence, leadership, and innovation in South Carolina, and beyond.  InnoVision recognizes businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, and individuals who set new standards for innovation; by creating, developing, and implementing their visionary thinking, thereby invigorating the South Carolina economy.


Blaine Childress, President of the InnoVision Awards Board of Directors, is pleased to announce the Finalists for the 2018 InnoVision Awards.


Technology Development: Accessible Diagnostics (Greenville, SC); Heatworks (Mount Pleasant, SC); and Poly-Med (Anderson, SC).


Technology Integration: BANDWAGON (Greenville, SC); Contec (Spartanburg, SC); andInsignia Group (Rock Hill, SC).


Small Enterprise: P2 Ops (Fort Mill, SC); Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing (Florence, SC); and Tetramer Technologies (Pendleton, SC).


Education: Clear Touch Interactive (Greenville, SC); C.U. Early Literacy Center (Clemson, SC); and USC College of Engineering and Computing (Columbia, SC).


Sustainability: Mogul SC Nonwovens (Gray Court, SC); Unlimited Power, LTD. (Greenville, SC); and Worthwhile (Greenville, SC).


Community Service: 6 AM City, LLC (Greenville, SC); Global Transplant Solutions (Duncan, SC); and Westminster Presbyterian-Carolina High School (Greenville, SC).


Young Innovator: Converse College S.T.A.R.S. Program (Spartanburg, SC).


Mr. Childress remarked, “Selection by our distinguished Judging Panel as a Finalist for an InnoVision Award is a significant achievement and honor. The InnoVision Awards program receives entries from the entire state of South Carolina and is always very competitive.  On behalf of the InnoVision Board of Directors, I applaud and congratulate all of the businesses and institutions who conducted these outstanding innovations in the state of South Carolina.”


The annual Awards Dinner will be held at the Spartanburg Marriott on Thursday, November 8, 2018. Sponsorships, Tables and Individual Tickets are now available. Please contact info@InnoVisionAwards.org to reserve your place at this event.

InnoVision Awards Keynote Speaker, Monsi C. Roman

The InnoVision Awards Organization
Is pleased to Announce the
2016 Awards Dinner Keynote Speaker

Monsi C. Roman
Program Manager, NASA Centennial Challenges Program


Monsi C. Roman joined NASA in 1989 as a microbiologist, concerned with Environmental Control and Life Support systems. Her responsibilities have steadily expanded to include Chief Microbiologist for the International Space Station, and more recently, coordination of 6 NASA Centers of Excellence.

Since 2010, Monsi has been responsible for Human Exploration Life Support, in particular, focusing on life support systems and microbial sensors that will be used during the upcoming Journey to Mars.

She presently serves as Program Manager for NASA’s prize-based Centennial Challenges Program.  She manages 6 active Open Innovation competitions, with a total prize purse of over $12 Million, aimed at solving some of NASA’s most vexing problems.

Mrs. Roman is located at the Marshall Space Flight Center, in Huntsville, AL.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of Alabama as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of Puerto Rico.

Join us at the 18th Annual InnoVision Awards Dinner
November 3, 2016
5:00 PM- 8:30 PM

Hyatt Regency Greenville 

Finalists are recognized in six different categories: Technology Development, Technology Integration, Community Service, Sustainability, Education & Small Enterprise.  Additionally, InnoVision recognizes a community leader with the Charles Townes Individual Lifetime Achievement Award & a state education program with the Ibrahim Janajreh Young Innovator Award.

Sponsorships, Tables and Individual Tickets are now available.

Contact Angela Halpin at angela@innovisionawards.org or 864-630-7088 to reserve your tickets or visit https://www.innovisionawards.org/tickets-2016-innovision-awards-show/ to purchase and pay for tickets online through paypal.

Celebrating Excellence. Honoring Distinction. Applauding Innovation.

InnoVision 18th Annual Technology Awards

InnoVision 18th Annual Technology Awards

InnoVision celebrates innovation at the 18th Annual Technology Awards and names numerous South Carolina entities award winners.

Greenville, South Carolina — November 4, 2016 – Ravi Sastry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Immedion, LLC and the Chair of the InnoVision Board of Directors, is pleased to recognize the following entities for their accomplishments and award-winning status presented at the 18th Annual InnoVision Awards Celebration on Thursday, November 3rd. The annual event was held at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Young Innovator Award, named in honor of Dr. Ibrahim Janajreh, was presented to two students from the Center for Advanced Technical Studies under the leadership of their Project Lead The Way instructor Julie Krusen. Currently freshmen at Clemson and Duke studying Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering, the team developed a Progressive Feeding Utensil for Individuals who have neuromuscular disabilities.

Zverse (Columbia, SC), received the Technology Development Award, for their LAYR technology, which is a revolutionary software that readily analyzes and converts 2D images into 3D printable content.

Milliken & Company (Spartanburg, SC) earned the nod from the independent judging committee for the Technology Integration Award, for their Milliguard UVX200 HF product. Milliguard is a novel, reactive UV absorber that allows the polyurethane industry to reduce UV absorption while improving indoor air quality.

SC Future Minds (Florence, SC) received the Education Award, for developing a branded, digital “Donate Now” button for school websites across the state. Their innovation provides an easy way for public schools to solicit on-line donations for students and teachers.

The Small Enterprise Award, was awarded to Cognito Forms (Columbia, SC). Cognito Forms is an intuitive, user-friendly online document builder that enables companies all over the world to create sophisticated and complex forms for the best value!

SMARTVISTA (Spartanburg, SC) has repurposed reclaimed fibers into a Rapid Deployment absorbent media. SpillArmor absorbent barrier can be deployed in 30 seconds and requires no more training than is necessary to work a fire extinguisher. SMARTVISTA was the recipient of the Sustainability Award.

Pursuit Alert (Pickens, SC) received first place in the Community Service category for their development of a patented, state of the art mobile warning system to alert motorists and civilians of the danger of an active law enforcement pursuit or emergency response.

Each year, InnoVision also honors an individual in the State of South Carolina with the Dr. Charles Townes Individual Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes an individual who exhibits a commitment to the advancement of technology and the community through his/her technology-oriented contributions. Past recipients of the Dr. Charles Townes Individual Lifetime Achievement Award include; Dr. Larry Gluck, GHS Cancer Center; Jerry Barber, Roger Milliken and Tom Strange.

The 2016 Dr. Charles Townes Individual Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr. Dennis Hayes, who in 1977 decided to improve the business use of the growing personal computer market. As a young man who was always fascinated with high technology, Mr. Hayes and his best friend Dale Heatherington built the first computer modem; a 300 bit per second device that connects computers by telephone, and started a communications revolution.

Mr. Sastry would also like to acknowledge the independent judges who include, Don Ross, Ph.D., MBA, Innovare, Inc.; Brad Tompkins; VM User Group; Elizabeth Newcomb- Hopfer; Valentina Trinetta; Kansas State University; and Kevin Andrews, NineSigma for their valuable expertise and service.


Celebrating Excellence. Honoring Distinction. Applauding Innovation.

South Carolina’s premier organization dedicated to the advancement of technology.