Quick, simplified nomination process for 2020!

Now is the time to recognize all of the remarkable innovators around us in South Carolina.

Some innovations have their roots in technology. Have you and your organization developed a new technology? Introduced a new product, process, or service that builds on technological innovation? Designed a creative new business model for reaching new customers?

Some innovations have their roots in crisis. Has your organization responded to the challenges of COVID-19 in creative ways? Produced a new product, designed a new supply chain, employed technology in novel ways?

Some innovations have their roots in community. Has your organization developed or led innovative programs for education or community service? Stepped up in creative, innovative ways to help the community with the COVID-19 crisis?

Look around you. Do you see examples of others in the community who have come up with new, innovative ideas, programs, products, and the like? Consider nominating them.  

Click here to nominate yourself, your company or others. There are only 3 questions.


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