We have simplified the nomination and application process for 2020. You may simply click here and answer the three questions below to nominate a company or organization. We will review the nomination and then contact the nominee to encourage them to complete a full application.

If you are associated with the nominee, familiar with the application form, and prefer to do so, you may skip the nomination form and complete the application yourself.

The Three Nomination Questions

  1. Who? Name, company name, and full contact information for the nominee
  2. What? Brief description of the innovative product, process, service, or business model.
  3. Why? Brief description why this innovation is impactful and worthy of nomination.

The Judging Criteria

  • Uniqueness of innovation – originality, contribution, achievement
  • Clarity of the technical description
  • Complexity/Difficulty of the technical achievement
  • Impact of the innovation: tangible benefits; significance; scope; and longevity

Click here to read tips from our independent judges.

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