InnoVision Awards Announces 2019 Award Winners

Cody Reynolds, Chair of the InnoVision Awards Board of Directors, is pleased to announce the 2019 InnoVision Award Winners, recognized during the Awards Dinner, held at the Spartanburg Marriott.

Community Service:  Public Education Partners Greenville County & Acuitas Economics were recognized for their InformEdsc.org website access tool. The development incorporates statistical analysis with easy-to-understand formats and dynamic graphical interfaces; to support, strengthen and advance public education and student achievement.

Education: Van Robotics, Inc have designed and built engaging and adaptive robot tutors to accelerate learning among young students through personalized learning interactions.  They have conducted pilot tests with over 200 students and have just launched manufacturing of their first 700 commercial robots out of their USC Incubator shop.

Small Enterprise: Stomagienics, Inc. has invented innovative healthcare solutions that improve the well-being of patients who have undergone ostomy surgery. Their products help reduce peristomal skin conditions, reduce leakage of the ostomy pouching system, and instill patient confidence and independence.

Sustainability: Sonshine Development, LLC have developed the SolarSpot 7, which converts the sun’s radiant energy to heat energy by its unique energy conversion coil. The compact system provides a proprietary, dual axis tracker that follows the sun and tilts through the seasons to increase heat output about 40% more than stationary rooftop units.

Technology Development: MIPY, LLC has designed proprietary medical auto-injectors are superior to current drug delivery systems in size, simplicity, reliability, and cost.  The MIPY will first address the epinephrine market, but many other drugs can be incorporated into this simple, compact game-changing auto-injector.

Technology Integration: SeeDaten, Inc. was recognized for delivering Reality, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality learning environments and process analysis to manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The AR solutions convert manual workflow into training modules complete with process verification via optical recognition.

Young Innovator: Legacy Early College High School was honored for instilling scholars from underserved communities with the motivation and opportunity to step out of their conventional classroom programs and to pursue project-based learning within a STEM instructional framework, leading to greater numbers of students acquiring the confidence to continue technical studies into college.

Charles Townes Lifetime Achievement: William B. Sturgis is a South Carolina business leader, was honored for his direction on local educational and banking boards, his visionary leadership while President at Cryovac, Inc. and his contributions to chemical engineering and packaging science, that have forever transformed food packaging.

Dr. Reynolds remarked, “I am continually amazed at the resourcefulness and drive of South Carolinian educators and inventors to create new resources and market solutions to opportunities.  I applaud all of these outstanding innovators.”


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