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Impact of Receiving an InnoVision Award 

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Hoffman, president of The Technology Consortium, Ltd. at an InnoVision Forum.  Friday, I spent the afternoon with Ron learning about his firm, and the reasons his new product, The HELP System, was the winner of the 2010 InnoVision Technology Award for the Small Enterprise category.  Even more importantly, he shared why receiving an InnoVision Award is so important to his company.

The HELP (High Efficiency Local Processor) System is able to reduce energy costs anywhere from 30-50%.  The new, smart microprocessor-Algorithm VFD motor control technology optimizes motor operation, and can easily be transferred to existing equipment. Ideal applications for The HELP System are H-VAC units, Chiller pumps, air-handlers, compressors and any type of 3-phase motors.  The HELP System is also effective in reducing humidity while providing a more stable temperature in H-VAC installations.  Additionally, The HELP System decreases drive component wear, reduces maintenance, increases motor life and improves motor performance. With all those benefits, why wouldn’t companies want to go through with the up fit?

The HELP System is already helping Upstate businesses save energy and financial resources,  and it’s also gaining traction in several other areas across the nation, too.  Ron hopes to make a major announcement in the weeks ahead about key prospects currently reviewing the many ways that The HELP System can help reduce energy expenditures for their firms, too.  Ron explains, “the reductions in energy costs will significantly impact facility operation costs, while helping the environment. “The greenest energy is the energy we never consume.”

Ron believes that many opportunities are on the horizon for The Technology Consortium, and states, “Receiving the 2010 InnoVision Award for The HELP System was significant in terms of providing exposure and visibility to The Technology Consortium group and The HELP System.  Not only did receiving the Award help us with Upstate area businesses, it has helped us become involved with national energy projects and initiatives. The InnoVision award provided us with a high level of credibility.”

Ron filed an application for the 2012 InnoVision Awards competition, and was a Finalist in the Sustainability Award for his firm’s SPEED Series. Ron explained, “I am extremely glad that I took the time to complete the applications and provide the information the judges needed to review the technologies.  Though not difficult”, he states, “it’s one extra thing to do when starting a company, but it is a process that I encourage South Carolina entrepreneurs, inventors and new business owners to pursue.”

Calls for Entries for the 2013 InnoVision Awards open May 1, 2013 and close July 8th, 2013.  Finalists will be announced on September 3, and the Finalists Reception is scheduled for September 26.  The Awards Dinner and Celebration will be held at the TD Center on Thursday, November 14.

 Martha Winebarger
InnoVision Advisory Board Member

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