Jason Berns, Director of Open Innovation at Under Armour delivered the keynote Address at InnoVision’s 2012 Awards Dinner.


Jason Berns, Director of Open Innovation


Jason has worked on sports oriented and performance motion gear for his whole career, from infant carriers to mountaineering products. He has applied job experience in Europe, Canada, and Asia, taking concepts from drawings to prototypes to factory production.  In fact, he has spent enough factory time in Asia to make him a qualified line stitcher!

Jason Berns, center, takes a break at the 2012 InnoVison Awards Celebration.

Currently, Jason is directing the Open Innovation team at Under Armour, Inc.  His team engages in discovering, bring, applying and protecting great technologies.  Many new Under Armour technologies come from outside the sports industry.  Finding opportunities with unexpected people or groups, and in unexpected industries, is what provides the performance edge that drives new product concepts, new business opportunities, sustains innovation and ensures continued strong growth.

Jason received his BS in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati.  Before joining Under Armour in 2008, Jason worked for Salomon, Arc’teryx Equipment and Fisher Price.